Response to “Exactly how many incidences of adverse reactions to vaccinations are there?”

(UPDATE / EDIT May 13th 2015) – Please watch this new documentary, BOUGHTfor FREE !  It explains most of what I wrote about…for those of you that would rather sit and watch a film!  – SB

Hey Jordan,

Here’s a short version of my response to your question:  “Alright genius, let’s talk facts. I’ve got to be honest, I don’t care THAT much about this to get involved in a lengthy debate bc quite frankly, this is not a hobby for me and I have better things to do. But since you’re so knowledgeable I’m sure you can provide this figure: Exactly how many incidences of adverse reactions to vaccinations are there? A figure or percentage will suffice and please cite your source.”

Like I mentioned before, I’m in midterm exams for the next week, so I’ll keep this “short and sweet”, and expect you to do a lot of the research yourself. I’ll provide as many relevant links for you to read, as this will be one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make for your future family. Keep in mind that your question only deals with the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Vaccines. To get a bigger picture, looking beyond the side-effect issue, please re-read these very well written and referenced articles. They do a better job than I at summarizing the vaccine issues. If you really want to learn why we are so passionate and why we work so hard to maintain our rights, refer to these often. The things we fight for benefit you as well.

Ok, so how many adverse reactions occur? Well, there are very mild reactions and very severe reactions, and everything in between. So many reactions were occurring, that in 1986, the Federal Government established the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program to help families with vaccine injuries. 0.75$ of every vaccine sold goes into this fund. They have Billions at the ready to compensate families that now have to deal with ridiculous medical costs to care for their injured family member. The maximum given out in case of vaccine caused death? 250,000$. To receive compensation, you have to prove causation, which is almost impossible to do for a number of reasons, in a special “vaccine court”, in front of a Special Master, who decides if the case if worthy or not. Most claims are NOT compensated, even if there is good evidence of causation, and only certain vaccines are eligible for compensation, even though they all have been shown to cause harm. Part of the problem is the universal denial that vaccines can do any harm at all, as even you have demonstrated in your first post. This goes for Doctors who get less than a day of training on vaccines in Medical school (see 2nd link for more on that). They get their info straight from the Pharmaceutical companies, and are taught that they are safe and effective. Repeat this enough times (The bigger the lie…ring a bell?) and you get an entire system that can’t connect the dots that are right in front of them when a side-effect does happen. It’s always “Oh no…the vaccine had nothing to do with that. It’s just a coincidence.” Because temporal correlations do not equal causation, right?

That same year, they also gave vaccine manufacturers blanket immunity. Meaning, as of that point, you could not sue a vaccine maker. To this day, pharmaceutical companies cannot be held liable for any harm / deaths resulting from the administration of their products, effectively removing their incentives to create safer products. Same goes for anyone administering their products, they’re off the hook too. Very dangerous scenario. All of this is kept very quiet of course. You’ll never hear of one of these cases in the media. Complete censorship where vaccine damage is concerned. We see this every time a scandal pops up or a new study comes out. The official story and old flawed studies keep getting parroted and paraded out to keep everyone calm.

Abby Wilson suffered very serious neurological damage right after her shots
Addy Grace Wilson suffered very serious neurological damage right after her shots
Ok, but how freakin’ many!?

Well, just looking at current compensation stats, there has been around 3 Billion$ given out thus far through that program. Here are the links. The second one breaks down by vaccine, how many claims, how many injuries, how many deaths…etc. The most interesting category is the Flu vaccine and the old DPT shot. Very dangerous stuff. – Page 5

Just under 4,000 successful claims paid out for injuries serious enough for someone to have gone through a very difficult process to gain compensation. And just under 1,200 Deaths from Vaccination claims were filed, but most are rejected of course, because even if your perfectly normal, healthy, functioning baby died within days, sometimes hours…the people in this system are taught to deny causation.  Pure coincidence.  They were…unlucky.  Must of been the mysterious SIDS, where healthy babies just suddenly die.  Must of been their genetics, etc.  While some argue these numbers are trivial compared to the number of doses of vaccines given each year…it wasn’t trivial the the unlucky ones who died, or who were left with serious neurological damage and mental retardation. The list of potential side-effects is astounding. Everything from febrile seizures, to Thrombocytopenia, Guillain-Barre Syndrome (Similar to ALS and MS), to subacute sclerosing pan encephalitis..etc, etc. For what? So you don’t have to watch your kid go through the Chicken Pox or Measles!? The way those things are treated is what’s dangerous…not the actual infections themselves. We’ve lost our way in Medicine, and it no longer resembles the healing art it once was.
30 Science papers JUST on Tylenol to keep it brief, and indicate the issue with how Medical Doctors approach your Health. You should never artificially reduce a fever for God’s sake when it’s not an emergency. This isn’t even getting into nutritional deficiencies that are NEVER addressed in kids when they go to a pediatrician. Deficiencies that are at the very core of WHY people suffer complications, and get sick to begin with. You know who DOES have the kind of training to properly take care and advise you on these matters? Doctors of Chiropractic with a specialty in Pediatrics…just like your buddy James is becoming. – Notice the difference between MD’s and DC’s in the important subjects like Anatomy/Physiology/Diagnosis/X-Ray Radiology

If you’re afraid of disease incidence and emerging “outbreaks”…don’t be. Be afraid of the Medical Model as it’s practiced today. To learn how to really be healthy and give your family the best chances to avoid complications (From medical mistakes AND infectious disease…), check out how this group of committed Doctors is transforming the way people view and apply their Healthcare through proper patient education and amazing care.  No drugs, no surgery needed.

Still want to stay a part of the Medical way of approaching disease??  The fact is that (depending on the study), they are now the #1 – #3 leading cause of Death in North America. If you add all the vaccine deaths that are never attributed to their proper cause (ex: SIDS), it’s most certainly #1. I choose to opt out, save emergencies, real ones.,000_americans_die_each_year_from_prescription_drugs,_while_pharma_companies_get_rich

Sorry, back to your questions…How many reactions!! The 3 Billion$ was dished out to no more than 4000 families since 1986, right? Not that big a deal, right? Well, since no one really knows about this program, how would you even know to apply for compensation if you suffered damage? AND, this only represents the people who sought AND won compensation (Entire Law Firms exist solely for this purpose! ) …This does NOT represent the number of adverse events ranging from mild ones like rashes to serious complications like deaths that HAVE been reported!! And with Doctors everywhere trained to deny causation, well, I don’t have to state the obvious flaw of this voluntary reporting system called VAERS. (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System).  Read that one again…a VOLUNTARY system, left up to Doctors unable/unwilling to recognize a vaccine reaction when they see one…no matter how obvious the temporal connection and despite the hundreds of published, peer-reviewed science papers that clearly indicate that vaccines are in fact problematic.  Pair that with the fact that we’re only just BEGINNING to understand the biochemical mechanisms of action that result in permanent damage, auto-immunity, allergies, death, etc. (Citations further down).  Medical Doctors are always the last ones to hop on board given how deeply entrenched they are in this failed system.  This is the new “Tobacco science” all over again.  How many dangerous Statin drugs keep getting prescribed even years after science has blown the cholesterol fallacy out of the water!  They STILL prescribe them like candy, and you’ll see the result of their reliance on Pharmaceutical junk “science” a bit further down.  Try telling these parents in the next link that they’re “crazy” for thinking the vaccine caused the radical change in their perfectly normal kids, from one day to the next. Unbelievable and truly heart wrenching. #hearthiswell

Are these parents ALL crazy?  Is that really the most plausible and logical explanation, given the evidence presented throughout this entire paper, and in the links within the links on referenced papers?  A clear sign of heads being planted firmly in the sand.

The scary reality about the numbers you seek is that studies say that only 1% to 10% of side-effects are EVER reported to this system! No wonder we never get the real story.

So, about the number, the percentage, the figure, you seek. Are you starting to see how difficult it is to just blurt out a solid number? There’s so much to deal with and understand first. The best we can do is estimate the number of reactions of all types, based on the best available data.

If we look at the VAERS data, it shows us that hundreds of people die each year in the US alone from bad vaccine reactions that are reported by doctors. If we take the studies that say that only 1-10% of events are ever reported and we extrapolate and multiply those numbers to mimic 100% reporting of Vaccine related deaths…you begin to understand why it’s so important for them to keep it under wraps. We’re talking about anywhere from 10-100 times more Deaths than are actually reported. Meaning it could be in the thousands. Of deaths. Yeah…I’ll take my “chance” with the Measles, the measly disease that it actually is.

If we take the official reported stats on ALL adverse events, we get numbers over 30,000 per year in the US! When we apply the same math, we get anywhere from over 300,000 – over 3 Million side-effect reports!! Per year!

If we look at JUST the ones categorized as Serious, JUST for kids up to 18 years of age…not even including Adult reports… (And these really are serious according the vaccine manufacturers post-licensure observational studies and reporting), we see an estimated 105,700 total reported reactions of a very serious and/or permanent nature.  So, if we apply the same math again…assuming the studies of under-reporting are correct, the reactions of a more serious nature, including permanent brain damage, etc are estimated at anywhere from 1 Million + to over 10 Million life altering adverse events calculated in the US alone since VAERS began recording these stats in 1990.  Vaccines have been around since the 1800’s.  Stop and do the math for a second.

This researcher was one of the first to link vaccines to SIDS.  Her take?  She believes, and rightfully so, that “100 years of orthodox research shows that vaccines represent an assault on the immune system

Or how about this PhD Immunologist who studied at Rockefeller University and did post grad research at Harvard and Stanford?

Since I’m promoting books now apparently…these are some of the best on the subject.

Sorry…back to what I was saying.  These are some of the serious reactions / diseases / permanent damages I’m talking about:

(Straight from the manufacturers themselves!!)

• brain inflammation (encephalitis) and encephalopathy (chronic brain dysfunction);
• panniculitis (inflammation of the fat layer under the skin);
• atypical measles; syncope (sudden loss of consciousness, fainting);
• vasculitis (inflammation of the blood vessels);
• pancreatitis (inflammation of the pancreas);
• diabetes mellitus;
• thrombocytopenia purpura (blood disorder);
• leukocytosis (high white blood cell count);
• anaphylaxis (shock);
• bronchial spasms;
• arthritis and arthralgia (joint pain);
• myalgia (muscle pain);
• polyneuritis (inflammation of several nerves simultaneously).
• lupus (autoimmune connective tissue disorder);
• Guillain-Barre syndrome (inflammation of the nerves);
• Encephalitis;
• aseptic meningitis (inflammation of the lining of the brain);
• deafness;
• cardiomyopathy (weakening of the heart muscle);
• hypotonic-hyporesponsive episodes (collapse/shock);
• convulsions;
• subacute sclerosing panencephalitis (SSPE);
• ataxia (loss of ability to coordinate muscle movements);
• parathesia (numbness, burning, prickling, itching, tingling skins sensation indicating nerve irritation)
• pneumonia;
• erythema multiforme (skin disorder from an allergic reaction or infection);
• urticarial rash (hives, itching from an allergic reaction);
• measles-like rash;
• burning/stinging at the injection site;
• nerve deafness;
• otitis media (ear infection);
• retinitis (inflammation of the retina of the eye);
• optic neuritis (inflammation of the optic nerve);
• conjunctivitis.

And this is just for ONE vaccine, and doesn’t include the deaths reported!! Kids receive around 70 doses of 16 vaccines these days, sometime several at once.  Question, has the synergistic toxicity of all of these ever been studied?  No.  Has a long term prospective study comparing the health outcomes of vaccinated vs. unvaccinated ever been studied?  No.  They won’t do it, because I suspect they already know what the outcomes would be.

The vaccine schedule has never once been studied in real world conditions like this. Nor are individual vaccines EVER tested against saline placebos as you would expect in actual scientific experiments.  They say that would be unethical.  Excuse me!?  There are already hundreds of thousands of currently unvaccinated kids/adults that you could study along side similar vaccinated cohorts.  The sample group ALREADY exists.  I have 40 cousins, all unvaccinated.  We know the difference.  The differences are very clear between us and the kids that grew up around us.  Find a great Doctor who can lead you towards remarkable health and keep Medicine for what it’s great at…Emergency procedures.  Crisis care.  We didn’t just happen to become the sickest nation in the world with one of the highest infant mortality rates on the planet by chance…we earned it by allowing the medical model as it’s practiced to be the dominant experiment.  I’ve never been a part of it, and you also can opt out in favor of better options.  Go rewatch the Maximized Living video I posted, and find a local Doc near you.

Now compare these stats to the information in these gems!

Great sources to understand the huge decline of infectious diseases decades before the introduction of vaccines…

3rd World Countries Statistics

More on how they manipulate their safety data in the clinical trials by testing two different vaccines together, rather than against a saline placebo. You see…when you test two different vaccines opposite each other can can say things like “The incidence of febrile seizures 0 to 30 days after ProQuad was similar to that observed in children receiving the placebo (another vaccine)” So, when they both produce similar side-effects…you’re not “lying” when you say “Our product did NOT produce any more reactions than our already proven safe Placebo.” This is what they are implying. Folks…this is NOT science. It’s marketing and deception, pure and simple. Take a look at any one of the Vaccine package inserts and see for yourself the manipulative language they use…

I for one will never take my medical advice from corporations that have all been found guilty of fraud. Even the British Medical Journal has gone on the record several times and printed that you cannot trust much of what they publish! Unbelievable.

The prestigious New England Journal of Medicine has spoken up about this problem too:

Even in the Journal of the American Medical Association!!  Scientific misconduct is everywhere!

Also in Newsweek magazine recently:

How are Doctors supposed to do their jobs properly and provide actual informed consent, which is the very backbone of Medical ethics, when crucial data is being deliberately withheld from them!

I couldn’t agree more with this article from The Daily Beast:  “Much of what the drug industry does fulfills the criteria for organized crime in US law

This is meant to be satire…but given the evidence I’ve presented, is it really?

If you don’t know what the term “Astroturfing” means…I highly suggest you watch this.  Wonderful TED talk.  It’ll give you more insight into the manipulation and distraction away from factual information…

But the CDC is trustworthy, right?  I for one certainly don’t trust these criminals.  They do NOT care about your health or your child’s health.  #CDCWhistleblower

And this fraud shouldn’t worry anyone, right?  How about the revolving door between Pharma, the CDC, FDA and the Government?

And so…that’s how we end up with this:

Earlier I talked about synergistic toxicity…here’s your answer:

(Since you talked about Peanut allergies…let’s talk about plausible mechanisms of how auto-immunity and hypersensitivities are created in the first place! Yup, it’s vaccines.)

When you have time…how about you peruse through this database compilation of several HUNDREDS of peer-reviewed papers about vaccines and their problematic actions:

Here’s a nice PDF version of the above database compiling 200 of the most important problematic actions associated with vaccinations…tell me again why we shouldn’t have the RIGHT to choose!?

How about a nice compilation of 168 papers on the damaging neurological effects of Thimerosal…still active in all Flu shots.

Meanwhile…Big Pharma enjoys record profits. Here you can see the US’ share of profits and then by calculating the individual costs of each vaccine, you can see how many doses have been given out, and then use the VAERS stats to estimate how many people have succumbed. Do the math…it’s very scary.  Don’t ever let anyone tell you that vaccines are not a major focus of Pharma’s profit driven business, even though they only represent a small fraction of their total revenue.  (Which is even scarier)

You know…I could go on and on… But really all you needed to read was the very first three links I posted.

If you’d like to hold the Vaccine Manufacturers accountable to independent 3rd party testing, please sign this:

Oh, and if you value your constitutional rights and those of others, please sign this one!


“Unless we put medical freedom into the Constitution, the time will come when medicine will organize into an undercover dictatorship to restrict the art of healing to one class of Men and deny equal privileges to others; the Constitution of the Republic should make a Special privilege for medical freedoms as well as religious freedom.” ― Benjamin Rush…

Any other questions?




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